July 6, 2013

Unable to RDP using Server name- DNS Issue [Solved]

Recently, we had this issue which required RDP to servers for troubleshooting. But the problem was that we also were having some glitches in the DNS network. It was down for sometime and we were unable to RDP by using the server names.

A common workaround for this is to use the IP address of the server for RDP. This workaround will work only when there is an issue with DNS. 

Below are the steps to follow if you don’t remember the IP address of the server.
  • Open command prompt tool.
  • Write the command :   Ping <Full Server name> and press Enter.
  • If the issue is only with DNS and your servers are not down actually, you will see a reply (ping back ) with an IP address.
  • Use this IP address to RDP to servers.

Note: This solution is a workaround. It may or may not work depending on the situation.