May 11, 2013

5 reasons why I love Google Plus

Social networking has grown to such an extent today, that it plays an integral part in most of our lives. Whether it’s posting contents, chatting with friends, managing business and etc., we all love social network. If MySpace was the past, Facebook is the present leader in social networking. There are many others in this field such as Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and etc.  They differ from each other in some ways and are similar in other ways. 

Here are  5 reasons why Google + is my favorite:

1. Integration with other Google services
Since it’s a Google offering, it’s tightly integrated with its other services such as Gmail, Play Store, Drive and etc.  Say you have posted something or commented on a post; whenever there is an activity in that post, you will be notified with an email and you can reply from Gmail itself(No need to open G+).  Another example is that you can install Play Store apps directly from G+.

2. Hangouts and hangouts on air
Hangouts allow users to video/audio chat with each other.  Now one will argue that same can be done with other chat services. Yes it can be, but what hangout offers is much more. It facilitates group chat, virtual meetings and live broadcasting. (Services that offer these features charge a premium). Live broadcasting is called Hangouts on Air. 

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3. Circles and Communities 
Circle is the best way to manage friends, posts and updates.  To add a person, you just have to add to circle (existing or you can create a new one). Once added, you will be able to see all updates that are posted as ‘public’ by that person (Managing circles is super easy). If you are added back, then the interaction will be greater, e.g. the contact will start appearing in your GTalk list.

Communities are the best way to discuss topics (of similar interest) with others.  This is one of my favourite features on G+.  You can start a new discussion, participate in an on-going one, post your queries and etc. 

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4. Explore trending posts and Hash tags
If you like to view recent feeds or trending posts, you can use Explore feature of G+. Click on it and you will see the magic. The feeds will keep on scrolling with new updates at the top. And yes, you can pause it too. 

You can also click on hash tags on the right side to view posts related to a particular keyword.

5. Almost like a personal magazine/Interaction board
G+, for many, is like a personal magazine with customized content. The layout is simple and elegant.  Not only you will get updates from friends, but from other sources also - updates from pages that you have +1ed, users you have circled, communities that you have joined and etc.
I am glad that there are very few crappy posts such as’ share this if you like that’, ‘if you don’t share, you will …..’ and etc.   Quality of content shared on G+ is one of the main reasons why i spend more time on G+.
On G+, interaction is possible not only with your friends, but with famous people also such as celebrities, bloggers, tech evangelists and etc.

There are several other G+ features (tiny and big) that I love. Now some might think that if I love G+ so much, then why I actively use Facebook.  The answer to this is that most of my family and friends are on FB, so if I have to interact with them, FB is my only option. But I am optimistic that one day, G+ be will leading from the front. And it’s gonna be Awesome. 

Image Source: Google Plus and Google Images